Letters to the Editor

Member-submitted letters for publication in the newsletter.


A section of the Sunbeam newsletter is dedicated to letters from members of the Association. These letters represent the opinions of the writers only, however slanderous or derogatory letters will not be published. It is the Sunbeam Committee's right to deny content deemed unfit for printing.

Letters must be received by 4:30 p.m. on the 15th of each month for publication in the following month's Sunbeam. For example, letters received October 10th will be printed in the November Sunbeam. Letters received October 16th will be printed in the December Sunbeam.

Written or Typed Letters
Mail hand written or typed (preferred) letters to the address provided below. All letters must include the member's full name, signature, lot number, and date. If any of these requirements are not met or missing, the letter will not be printed.

Mail to:
Chairperson of the Sunbeam Committee
1000 Lake Wildwood Drive
Varna, Illinois 61375-9323

Online Letter Submission
In lieu of mailing a letter, members may submit their letter to the editor online by using the form provided to the right. By submitting the letter online, members agree to have their letter published (unless deemed unsuitable for printing) with their name and lot number. Unless otherwise noted, letters will be corrected for spelling, punctuation, and grammar.