Behind the scenes of Lake Wildwood Association, Inc.


The Association Office staff includes the General Manager, Financial Secretary, and Newsletter/Website Designer. Office personnel run the day-to-day operations of the Development, working diligently to provide the best services and resources possible.

Certified lifeguards are staffed during the summer season at the pool and beaches in order to provide a safe swimming environment.

The maintenance crew at Lake Wildwood work hard each day to ensure the high quality standard of the Development. They provide the necessary experience and skills required to keep our buildings, roads, landscape, and amenities in great working condition.

Our security staff are trained to carry out the Rules & Regulations of Lake Wildwood Association, alongside providing support and offering assistance to members and their guests. The front Gate is the main security 'hub' offering services such as decal replacement, daily camping registration, guest pass issuance, general assistance, and more.

Members, guests, and employees who dedicate their time and efforts to the Association help make our community great. Many of our events are planned, organized, and ran by member volunteers -- we simply could not do it without all of your help!


A committee of 5 member-elected individuals who jointly oversee the activities of Lake Wildwood Association. Each individual Board Director serves for a two year period of time. Alongside working directly with the General Manager, the Board of Directors may create various advisory committees to help with operations, projects, research, and more.

The advisory committees are made up of members who provide unique knowledge and skills which augment the knowledge and skills of the formal Board of Directors in order to more effectively guide the organization. We encourage members interested in joining a committee to send a letter of interest to the Association Office. A list of standing committees currently in place are listed below:

The Campground Committee provides feedback and updates to the Board on all things related to camping.

Common Properties & Amenities
The CP&A Committee focuses on the Association's buildings and property, helping the Board of Directors research projects, repairs, and updates to the Development.

Community Relations Committee
The committee recommends new or revised rules and regulations to the Board. The CRC is also tasked with scheduling and holding hearings for members wishing to appeal a citation.

Environmental Control
The ECC is tasked with ensuring members follow all of the proper guidelines set forth in the Restrictive Covenants & By-laws before, and during, the construction process. Before construction begins, members must submit paperwork to the ECC for approval.

Finance & Administration
The Finance Committee helps provide financial oversight for the Association, including budgeting and financial planning for future projects.

Lakes & Dams
The committee advises the Board on best practices of the management of Lake Wildwood and Lake Tanglewood through research and development. The committee represents the interest of swimmers, boaters, and fishers while maintaining the integrity of the lakes.

Natural Resources
The NRC helps the Board with projects related to the wildlife and nature within the Development.

The Recreation Committee plans Lake Wildwood sponsored events and activities throughout the year.

The Sunbeam is the official newsletter of the Association and the committee is tasked with reviewing the materials and proofing the paper before print.