New Member Guide

Welcome to Lake Wildwood Association, Inc.


The Association requires several documents and other criteria before membership is granted. These include:
1. Copies of the Rights of First Refusal documents.
2. Copy of the recorded deed, showing the new member as owner of the property.
3. A completed 'New Membership Application.'
4. A one-time new membership application fee of $100.00.
5. The lot must have a zero balance (no money is to be owed to Lake Wildwood Association).

Automobile Decals
As a member of the Association, you are now able to obtain a membership RFID tag for your automobile.

Members unable to obtain an RFID tag during regular office hours now have an additional way to register their vehicle. This process is detailed below:

[1] A scanned copy of a member's state vehicle registration may be sent by email to with the make and color of the vehicle typed into the body of the email. Company vehicles will need to adhere to the Redbook rule section B. 1. (b) ii. detailing the company vehicle registration process.

[2] The vehicle information and RFID tag will be programmed into the system and be available for instillation at the main Gate when the member arrives.

[3] Inform Security of your name and lot number and they will assist with application of the tag. The RFID tag will work immediately at both gates.

Yearly Assessments
Assocation dues are mailed out in November of each year with a due-date of March 1st. The cost of dues (and additional services) are printed in the Sunbeam newsletter and posted on our website.

Your Guests
In order for your guests to gain entry to the Association, you need to provide advanced notice of their arrival to the main Gate at least 48 hours prior to their arrival. This can be done by calling the main Gate or by including your guest on the Frequent Guest Pass form. There are now only two types of passes available to non-members:

» A guest pass is issued to all guests entering the Development and is valid only for the day it was issued. If your guest leaves the Development and then returns on the same day, they must stop again to be issued a pass.
» A contractor pass is issued to service personnel, utility workers, etc. This pass provides no amenities privileges to the contractor.

Member’s guests must also follow the Rules & Regulations booklet - also knows as the Redbook - and must follow all posted rules accordingly. If a guest is issued a citation, that citation is reflected upon your lot and you (the Association member) is responsible for all fines levied.

Two of the most common infractions are speeding and parking. Remind guests that the speed limit, unless otherwise posted, is 30mph. Parking is restricted depending upon which beach they visit. Beach 1, by the lodge, allows guest parking only in front of the lodge. Beach 2, towards the dam, does not allow guest parking.


Rules & Regulations (Redbook)
The rules and regulations of Lake Wildwood Association, Inc. Includes information related to entry procedures, vehicle regulations, beach and pool regulations, watercraft, fishing, camping, and more.

Restrictive Covenants & By-laws (Bluebook)
The covenants and by-laws of Lake Wildwood Association, Inc. Includes information related to building of homes, setbacks, septic tanks, rights of first refusal, and the Board of Directors.

Additional Services & Fees
A comprehensive listing of services, fees, and fines.

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