We hope you enjoy your time with us!


Advanced notice must be given by a member to the main Gate for all guests arriving without an accompanying member. No guests will be allowed entrance to the Development without this advanced notice.

Persons looking to purchase a home or vacant lot within the Development should contact a local realty agent (several are listed in our newsletter) in order to gain entry. You'll be issued a 'realty pass' for the sole purpose of viewing property.

Once advanced notice has been given to the main gate, all guests must stop and pick up a guest pass. Guest passes are good only for the day they have been issued and a new pass must be re-issued if you exit and re-enter the Development during the same day.

The Association is located north-west of the town Varna, right off state route 89. The main Gate is the only entry point for guests into the Development. If you're using a GPS, please make sure it points you to county road 965N, and not county road 1900E or 900N (Access Rd.) as this is the back gate entry for members use only.


As a guest you are required to follow all of the rules and regulations of Lake Wildwood Association. Violations issued to guests will be noted under the member's account and the member will be responsible for citation fees (including the cost of certified mailing).

Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit within the Development is 30mph. These speed limits are radar controlled and strictly enforced. Take your time and enjoy all that Lake Wildwood has to offer!

Guest parking at the Association beaches on weekends and holidays:
» West Beach (Beach 2) is limited to members-only.
» East Beach (Beach 1, by the lodge) is restricted to the lot in front of the lodge.

Please adhere to all posted signs. "Guest parking" applies to any and all vehicles not displaying a current Lake Wildwood vehicle decal.