Watercraft Registration/Renewal

Covers the registration and renewal of watercraft units.



Step 1 - Application
If your watercraft unit is already registered with the Association, please skip to step 2.

The New Watercraft application is required for all units that have not been previously registered with the Association. This includes power/deck boats, pontoon boats, canoes, kayaks, jet skis, sail boats, fishing boats, paddle boats, and paddle boards.

Step 2 - Proof of Insurance
If your watercraft is not motorized (or is equipped with a motor under 10HP), please skip to step 3.

A certificate of marine liability insurance qualifying property damage and bodily injury ($100,000 minimum) is required to be on file if the watercraft is equipped with a motor exceeding ten (10) horsepower. Insurance policies must be in the Association member's name and show the watercraft unit covered.

Step 3 - State Watercraft Registration
A copy of your up-to-date watercraft registration (issued by the State Department of Natural Resources) is required to be on file with the Association. Members may renew their watercraft registration online through the Illinois DNR website or by phone (1-866-867-3542).

Canoes, kayaks, and other watercraft units without a motor no longer require a watercraft registration tag but instead a Water Usage stamp. Water Usage stamps may be purchased at any location selling Hunting or Fishing licenses. They may not be purchased online or over the phone.

What is required to be displayed on my watercraft?
Member's lot numbers, current year's decal, and state watercraft registration numbers and tag (if applicable to the unit). See the placement of decal and lot numbers guide to the left.

Where do I affix my decal and lot numbers?
Facing the front of the watercraft unit:
1. Association decal: rear, right-hand side (upper edge of the watercraft).
2. Lot Numbers: rear, right and left-hand side (at least 3" tall numbers).

What are the size restrictions for watercraft units?
Power & Deck Boats: 19'
Fishing Boats: 19'
Pontoon Boats: 25'

How can I submit my paperwork to the Association?
Watercraft registration or renewal paperwork may be given to the Association in one of several ways:
1. Email: jpattelli@lake-wildwood.com
2. Mail: 1000 Lake Wildwood Drive // Varna, IL 61375
3. Fax: (309) 463-2085
4. Delivery: drop paperwork at the main Gate or Association Office

What are the current flag rules?
The Illinois watercraft towing rule, per the State, added Jan. 1, 2015:
"E. The operator of any watercraft that is towing a person or persons shall display on the watercraft a bright or brilliant orange flag measuring not less than 12 inches per side. The flag shall be displayed at the highest point of the area surrounding the boat's helm as to be visible from all directions, continuously, while the person or persons being towed depart the boat in preparation for towing and until reentry into the boat when the activity has ceased. Display of the flag for purposes other than the activity described in this Section is prohibited."

This State rule will be STRICTLY enforced. Also note that the following rule still applies:
(e) A flag to indicate a downed person is required equipment for towing. It must be bright orange and a minimum of 12” square. The flag is to be displayed by the spotter when a person is downed and must be visible for 360˚. Class II.

Please click here to view the Illinois State DNR Safety Act Information regarding watercraft.

These rules apply per the Lake Wildwood Association Redbook rule E. 1. (a) stating:
The provisions of the State of Illinois Boat Registration and Safety Act have been adopted by the Association to be applicable to all watercraft operated on Lake Wildwood and Lake Tanglewood. In instances where the rules in the Redbook of Rules and Regulations differ from this Act, the Redbook rule will apply. Class II or Class III.