Rules & Regulations

Regulations governing the use of Development property and facilities.




Listed below are some frequently asked questions related to various rules and regulations of the Association. If you do not find your answer in the FAQ section below, please use our table of contents to navigate through the online Rules & Regulations manual (also known as the Redbook).

What are the rules for parking at Beach I and Beach II?
On weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and on holidays (Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day):
1. At West Beach (Beach II, near the dam) parking is restricted to member and associate member decal vehicles only.
2. At East Beach (Beach I, near the Lodge) guest parking (all vehicles without a membership decal) is restricted to the parking lot in front of the lodge.

What is the drink container policy on the beaches?
No breakable objects (glass bottles, etc.) are to be brought into the beach areas.

Where can I find more rules posted?
Specific rules can be found posted at the beach areas and they must be strictly followed.

Are portable generators allowed?

Are my guests allowed to camp?
Yes, however there are several rules related to guest camping that should be understood before registration. See section I of the Rules & Regulations booklet for details.

How much does it cost to camp?
Prices vary. Please see the Services and Fees chart for details.

As a guest, am I able to enter the Development without prior permission of a member?
No, advanced notice must be given to the main Gate in order for a guest to gain entrance to the Development.

What is the speed limit in Lake Wildwood?
Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit within the Development is 30mph.

As a guest, am I allowed to bring in my own watercraft unit? How about a camping unit or golf cart?
Guest watercraft and recreational vehicles (excluding camping units) are not allowed.

I'm interested in hunting wildlife within the Development. Is this allowed?
No hunting or trapping is allowed within Lake Wildwood.

Am I able to burn within the Development?
Yes, however you'll need to contact the main Gate before you burn and verify there is not a 'no burning' ban in place. All burning must be attended at all times.

How do I obtain a membership decal for my automobile?
Decals will be issued at the main Gate to members after payment of all charges and with proof of state vehicle registration. Only vehicles owned by members (as shown on the state vehicle registration) will be allowed a decal.

Are my family members allowed to obtain a membership decal?
Only children of a member who have the same principle residence as the member are allowed to apply for an Associate member decal.

What are the restrictions for watercraft units?
Watercraft units must not exceed the following lengths:
Power/Deck & Fishing Boat - no larger than 19'
Pontoon Boat - no larger than 25'

Are there horsepower limitations in place for watercraft units?
No, the only restrictions in place are the size limits posted above.

How do I register or renew my watercraft?
Please visit the watercraft section under DOCUMENTS for more information.