Rules & Regulations

Regulations governing the use of Development property and facilities.




(N. 1, 2, and 3 passed at the March 14, 2015 Board of Director's Meeting)

1. Contiguous Status
Contiguous Status may be granted only when:
a. The exterior plan as presented to the Environmental Control Committee (ECC) for permitting is complete as determined by an ECC inspection including:
• Siding
• Roof
• Windows
• Doors
• Decks if part of the plan for which a permit was granted
b. A Plat of Survey completed and stamped by a licensed surveyor is presented to the ECC showing that the single family residential structure is at least two feet (2’) over the lot being considered for contiguous status
c. The single family dwelling structure or in the case of an addition to the already existing single family dwelling structure is constructed as a continuous foundation trenched or formed.
d. The addition, in the case of an already existing single family dwelling structure, must be attached to the already existing single family dwelling and must be fully enclosed living space or garage space.

2. Addition
An Addition, for the purpose of this rule, is defined as a structure consisting of walls and a roof that is used as living space or garage space so that a breezeway, walkway, hallway or bridge used only as passage between the main dwelling unit and another structure will not qualify as a structure in order to approve contiguous status.

3. Elimination of Dues
The elimination of one or more dues owed per lot as a result of the ECC approval of Contiguous Status will only be granted for structures completed by March 1 and approved by the ECC prior to March 1. Structures completed after March 1 of any Lake Wildwood Fiscal Year will not receive dues credit for Contiguous Status until the following Fiscal Year.