Rules & Regulations

Regulations governing the use of Development property and facilities.




1. Guest Violations
Members are responsible for the actions of their guests. Guests should be made aware of Lake Wildwood Regulations and Restrictions.

2. Enforcement of Rules & Regulations
Various employees and any other designated persons will be given power by the Board of Directors to enforce the Restrictions and the Regulations and to issue citations for violations. These Security officers will carry numbered badges as evidence of the authority that has been delegated to them.

3. Citation Fees
Citations will be issued according to the following schedule:
Class I: A warning will be issued. If the violation is corrected immediately, no further action will be taken. If a citation is issued for the same violation within a twelve-month period, a $50 fine will be issued for each occurrence or 24-hour period the violation exists.

Class II: A minimum fine of $50 will be issued. If a citation is issued for the same violation within a twelve-month period, the fine will be doubled from the prior amount issued.

Class III: A fine of $100 will be issued. If a citation is issued for the same violation within a twelve-month period, the fine will be doubled from the prior amount issued.

Unless otherwise specified herein, violations will be treated as follows for purposes of citations: First offense - Class I; Second offense - Class II, Third offense - Class III.

4. Appeal Procedure:
If a member, associate member or guest of a member is cited for a violation of the Regulations or Restrictions governing the use of the Lake Wildwood Development, the member will thereafter receive a written notice from the Association Office specifying the time, place and details of the violation and nature of the penalty, as set forth in paragraph 3 above, which may be imposed as a consequence thereof. If the alleged violator wishes to appeal the citation, he/she must file with the Association Office a written demand for a hearing within 30 days of receipt of the ticket. The Office will notify the Community Relations Committee chairperson, who in turn will set a date and time for an appeal hearing to be held.

Should the member fail to appear on said date at the stated place and time, the demand for a hearing shall be deemed withdrawn. The Community Relations Committee is then authorized to recommend to the Board of Directors that the ticket be upheld. If the alleged violator does not file a request for a hearing within the prescribed time, the penalty imposed (whether monetary or disciplinary in nature) will be deemed final (uncontestable and non-appealable) and any monetary penalty imposed will be due and payable within 30 days of the date it was imposed. If such penalty is not paid within the 30 day period, the amount thereof shall become a lien against the member’s property within the Development and collectible by court action or otherwise as provided for by the By-Laws of the Association.

Appeal Hearing:
(a) Security states case.

(b) Community Relations Committee questions Security.

(c) Security signs appeal statement.

(d) Security is dismissed.

(e) Alleged violator states case.

(f) Community Relations Committee questions alleged violator.

(g) Alleged violator signs appeal statement.

(h) Alleged violator is dismissed.

(i) Full discussion by the Community Relations Committee of all evidence as well as the Rules and Regulations that apply thereto.

(j) A vote is taken by the Community Relations Committee. A majority vote of at least a quorum of its members shall determine whether a violation did occur.

(k) The Committee’s recommendation is signed by its chairperson and secretary.

(l) All statements are sent to the Board of Directors.

(m) Board of Directors makes a determination whether to uphold or dismiss ticket. This action will be taken at the next regularly scheduled Board of Directors’ meeting.

(n) The Board of Directors then notifies the violator of its decision.

5. Offensive Conduct
If a member/guest commits offensive conduct (examples of which include but are not limited to: damage to or destruction of property owned by the Association, other members or their guests, behavior that unduly disturbs the peace, violent or threatening acts or repeated infractions of the rules), the Board of Directors, and its agents including the Association General Manager and Security personnel, shall have the authority to direct such offending member/guest to remove himself or herself from the amenities and/or temporarily ban such offending member/guest from the amenities. First offense - Class III. Updated: December 12, 2009. In addition, a fine of $100 may also be assessed by the Board of Directors against such member/guest for each such incident. The Board of Directors shall have the authority to suspend some or all of the amenity privileges of a member or guest for a period of up to one year for violations of this rule. The suspension of amenity privileges of a member or a guest as provided by this rule must be approved by four members of the Board of Directors. A member or guest, if he or she requests it, may meet with the Board of Directors to discuss the situation leading to the suspension vote.

6. State Police, Sheriff’s Police and Conservation Officers:
Although the Development is privately owned property, the State Police, Sheriff's Police and Conservation Officers have the power to make arrests for criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and infractions, which constitute legal misdemeanors or felonies. Members and guests are not immune from prosecution by law enforcement authorities and any Security officer or member may call in or lodge complaints with such authorities under appropriate circumstances.