Rules & Regulations

Regulations governing the use of Development property and facilities.




1. Refuse:
(a) Littering is strictly prohibited within the Development. First offense - Class II; Second offense - Class III.

(b) No illegal dumping on any Association-owned property (or private property) is allowed. Illegal dumping will result in a $100 fine. Statement.

(c) Pollutants (including but not limited to gasoline, oil, human or animal waste, trash, hazardous materials) MUST NOT be dumped into the lakes or within the Development. First offense - Class III; Second offense - $500.00.

(d) No owner of any lot in the Development may burn garbage or trash out of doors nor may accumulate such refuse out of doors except in receptacles which are installed underground or which are so placed and kept as not to be visible from the lake or from any street within the Development at any time, except at times when refuse collections are being made. Class II.

(e) No owner of any numbered lot in the Development (nor guest/contractor) shall be permitted to deposit garbage, trash or other like household refuse in any Association owned or sponsored receptacle unless fee paid at office or guardhouse. First offense - Class II; Second offense - Class III.

2. Lot Upkeep:
(a) Notification must be given to the Guardhouse prior to the burning of any leaves, brush or debris. First offense - Class II; Second offense - Class III.

(b) No burning is permitted during periods when the property is posted "NO BURNING" at the Gate. Class III.

(c) All burning must be attended. Class III.

(d) All lots must be mowed regularly and kept free of the unsightly growth of vegetation and noxious weeds. If this is not done, the Association may mow the lot and charge a fee set by the Board of Directors. Statement.