Rules & Regulations

Regulations governing the use of Development property and facilities.




1. Damages to Units
Lake Wildwood Association and/or its designated agents are not responsible for any damage incurred to camping units/watercraft while performing site maintenance or moving camping units/watercraft. Statement.

2. Non-member Units
Non‑member owned units cannot be stored on LWA property. Statement.

3. Decal & Lot Numbers
Units/watercraft in storage must display current LWA/RV/Parking decals and lot numbers. Members with a home in the Development may store RV’s/boats/ trailers in the LWA storage area but must obtain a current LWA decal. If a unit/watercraft does not have a current decal, then it must be removed from the Development. First offense - Class I; Second offense - Class III. Updated April 22, 2006.

4. Items
When unit is in storage, items may not be stored outside a unit. First offense - Class I; Second offense - Class II.

5. Unoccupied
Units in storage may NOT be occupied. Class I.

6. Common Property
Member’s watercraft and/or trailer unit is allowed only on the member’s camping site (seasonal, daily electric or primitive). No watercraft or trailer unit is allowed parked on common property or empty campsites at the campground. First offense – Class I; Second offense – Class II.

7. Fees
Campers, trailers, watercraft or like vehicles will be charged a fee for using storage areas. Fees and time periods will be established by the Board of Directors. Class III.