Rules & Regulations

Regulations governing the use of Development property and facilities.




1. General Regulations
In general, a member and his guest should treat the Lodge and Pavilion as they would their own home. Statement.

2. Posted Rules
All posted rules regarding use of the Lodge and Pavilion must be strictly followed. First offense -Class I; Second offense - Class II.

3. Outdoor Equipment
Outdoor cooking equipment shall not be used in the Lodge. Class III.

4. Private party notification:
(a) If a member wishes to use the Lodge for a private party, he must request and obtain approval and a permit from the Association Office. Although a member is having a private party, he and his guests must comply with the rules regarding the use of the Lodge. A standard fee and a deposit, as established by the Board of Directors to cover damage or cleanup costs, will be required. If alcohol is served during the event, a Certificate of Insurance showing the renter has liquor liability insurance must accompany the Lodge rental contract. When a private party is in progress, the general membership must nevertheless be permitted to use the rest rooms in the lower level. Class II.

(b) If a member wishes to use the Pavilion for a party of 25 or more, he must notify the Office in advance. First offense - Class I; Second offense - Class II.

5. Grills
No grills should be used inside the Pavilion shelter. Class III.

6. Picnic Tables
Picnic tables should not be removed from the Pavilion shelter without the approval of the General Manager. First offense - Class I; Second offense - Class II.

7. Restrooms
Restrooms are not to be used for cleaning of cooking utensils, fish or bathing animals. Class II.

8. Marine Supply Building
No boat trailer parking is permitted in the vicinity of the Marine Supply Building. Class I.

9. Recreational Equipment
No bicycles, skateboards or unlicensed wheeled recreational equipment are permitted inside the Pavilion, in the Lodge or inside any other Association buildings. First offense - Class I; Second offense - Class II.