Rules & Regulations

Regulations governing the use of Development property and facilities.




1. General Regulations Pertaining to Members and Guests:
(a) The main Gate is the primary entrance to and exit from Lake Wildwood. All persons must stop at the Gate and receive permission from the Guard in order to gain entry. Class III.

Only members who have paid the required fee and have been issued a key card from the LWA Office may use the Southwest Gate providing they follow Southwest Access application rules and their vehicle displays a valid decal or previous authorization to exit/enter has been granted by Security personnel under special circumstances or special permission by the Board of Directors. First offense - Class III; Second offense - loss of key card for 1 year plus $50 fine.

(b) Members and any guests accompanying them shall be permitted to enter simply by displaying a current valid LWA vehicle decal. Decals will be issued annually after payment of all Association charges and proof of state vehicle registration. Guards are authorized to request supplemental identification such as a driver's license. A bill for the annual assessment will be mailed to all members in November. Statement.

All member vehicles must display updated decals by May 1st of the current dues year to gain admittance to the Development. Vehicles not displaying updated decals must stop at the Guardhouse and have the outdated decal removed. The member will then receive only a "home" pass or "amenity" pass for admittance. Vehicles displaying outdated decals/passes will receive a citation if driving on LWA roads or parking lots after May 1st. Members not paying dues will receive only admittance to their property. First offense - Class I; Second offense - Class II.

i. Non-members whose name is on the deed of a lot may apply for an RFID decal. Proof of ownership is required. Limit 1 per lot.
ii. Members in good standing with a company vehicle not registered in their name may apply for an RFID decal. Proof of registration and insurance in companies name along with proof of employment will be required. Limit 1 per lot.

(c) Advance notice must be given to the Guard service if guests arrive at Lake Wildwood without the member accompanying them. This can be done by delivering to the Guardhouse a properly completed Guests Authorization card. Guest Authorization cards that are mailed must be received by the LWA Office in ample time for the Gate/Office staff to have the cards prior to arrival of the guest(s). After the guest has given the Guard proper identification, the guest will then be permitted to enter. Blank Guest Authorization cards are available at the LWA Office and the entrance Guardhouse. Guests without proper authorization shall not be permitted to enter the Development.

Guest authorization may also be accomplished by members directly dropping off properly completed Guests Authorization cards at the Gate before the arrival of their guest(s). Members may also call the Gate at (309) 463-2047 and request that the Gate Guard complete a call-in Guest Authorization card prior to the arrival of their guest(s). If this method is abused, limitations may be placed on when call-in passes will be accepted, or the service may be discontinued altogether. Guards may at their discretion call back the member if they have reason to believe the call was not placed by the member. Guests without proper authorization shall not be permitted to enter the Development.

(d) Guests not accompanied by member and not identified by advance written notice to the Guard service shall not be permitted entry unless the Guard can easily reach the member by telephone to verify that the guests should be admitted.

Guests will not be permitted entry if they bring their guest card with them when they first arrive at the Gate or if they borrow a member’s vehicle to gain entrance to Lake Wildwood.

(e) Written permission of the LWA Manager is required for the admission of any bus except for those serving LWA schools. Statement.

(f) All vehicles not displaying a valid LWA windshield decal must have a colored "temporary" identification slip taped to the lower left inside corner of their windshields when present in Lake Wildwood. The Gate Guard will supply that temporary identification slip when he authorizes entry of any vehicle not carrying an LWA decal. Statement.

(g) To avoid overcrowding of the Association amenities, guest use of amenities on weekends and holidays is permitted only if the host member is on the premises of LWA. Class II and guest removed from amenities.

(h) Members are responsible for the actions of their guests and any fines levied. Therefore, any violation of the Rules and Regulations by the guests becomes a part of the member’s record. Statement.

If a member/guest commits any of the following offenses (examples of which include but are not limited to vandalism/destruction of property, unruly or boisterous behavior, violent or threatening acts, repeated infractions of the rules), the Board of Directors will have the discretion to ban member/guest from the amenities pending Board rule. In addition to current rule structure, a fine of $100 may also be assessed for rule infraction.

2. Delivery and Service Personnel:
Members shall notify the Guardhouse of an expected delivery or anticipated arrival of service personnel. Delivery and service personnel will be permitted to enter Lake Wildwood under the same provisions pertaining to guests as set forth in Regulations B.1.(c) and B.1.(f) unless roads are posted for carriers in excess of 6 tons. Delivery and service personnel will be logged in and out in the Guard's logbook. Statement.

3. Contractors:
Lot improvement projects are regulated by the Environmental Control Committee. A permit must be secured before work begins. Written notice of employment of a building contractor shall be given to the Guard with the name of the contractor as well as the dates when construction is to be started and completed. The contractor must provide the Guard with a list of any subcontractors who will be employed, along with the dates of their work, so that they may be permitted entry with proper identification. No major construction equipment, as well as weed cutting tractors used for commercial purposes, is allowed in the Lake Wildwood Development without Lake Wildwood Registration or a certificate of insurance showing liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage ($100,000 minimum). Homeowners doing their own construction work requiring heavy equipment/trucks (greater than or equal to 20,000 lbs. gross vehicle weight) using Association roads shall be required to post with the Security Gate a $500 check to assure that Lake Wildwood properties will be restored to a condition acceptable to the General Manager. Class I.

4. Entry of Non‑members Under Extended Home Pass "Red Card" Procedure:
Resident members, tenants in common/co‑owners and renters may apply for this pass for family members, baby sitters, house checkers, etc. This pass will authorize vehicle travel directly to the home of the member. Resident members and homeowners must authorize guest use of the amenities the same as any lot owner.

(a) Any Red Card Entrant, Green Card Entrant (contractor, subcontractor, workman or delivery person) admitted through the Main Gate will be given a red or green colored temporary identification slip, which must be taped to the lower left of the windshield of the vehicle. Vehicles so identified shall travel only between the Main Gate and the home of the authorizing LWA member. Such admitted persons may not drive around the Development, park at the various facilities (e.g., pool, beaches, lodge), nor use any of the various LWA amenities (e.g., lake, pool, tennis courts). First offense - Class I; Second offense - Class II.

(b) Any member authorizing admittance of personnel under the Extended Home Pass (Green Card) program assumes responsibility for the conduct of those persons and additionally assumes liability for fines levied for violation of any part of these regulations. It is the member's responsibility to ensure that all persons authorized admittance under the Extended Home Pass (Green Card) program are aware of and comply with Redbook Regulations. Statement.

5. Associate Members and Renters:
Associate Members as defined in the By-Laws of the Lake Wildwood Association, Inc. may be permitted to enter if there is displayed on the Associate Member's vehicle a current Lake Wildwood Association decal. Associate Members and renters do not have guest amenity authorization privileges.

(a) In order to obtain an Associate Member decal, an application must be filled out by the member with a copy of the registration and returned to the General Manager's Office for approval. Statement.

(b) Renters and co‑owners/tenants in common will be required to pay the yearly assessment established by the Board of Directors before issuance of the Associate Member decal. Statement.

(c) Associate members who are renters and co‑owners/tenants in common may also apply for Extended Guest Pass "Red Card" procedure. Class I to be sent to Associate/Renter and property owner.

6. Soliciting within Lake Wildwood:
(a) Solicitations by members or non-members seeking to promote the sale of commercial products or services are prohibited. Class I.

(b) Solicitation of donations or the sale of items by members on behalf of non-profit charitable, religious or community welfare organizations is permitted. The solicitation of such by non-members is prohibited. Class I.

(c) No soliciting activities of any kind shall be carried on at either Lake Wildwood entrance. Statement.

7. Realty Persons:
(a) Realty persons are to make every possible effort to personally escort prospective purchasers through the Association. In those few instances where this is not possible, a Realty Pass (orange) may be given upon prior written notice or phone request from the realty person to the Security Gate. Statement.

(b) The Realty Pass strictly prohibits the use of any amenity. Statement.

(c) The use of guest passes for business purposes is strictly prohibited. Statement.

(d) Prospective purchasers of property will be permitted to enter Lake Wildwood under the same provisions pertaining to guests as set forth in Regulations B.1.(c) and B.1.(f). The Realty Pass shall be kept by Security for a period of not less than 30 days of entry. Statement.

(e) Realty persons are responsible for the action of their clients and any fines levied due to violations of these regulations. Realty people must take care that their clients comply with these regulations and with the restrictions. First offense - Class I; Second offense - Class II.

(f) Failure to comply with Association Rules & Regulations may result in loss of Realty Pass privileges. Statement.

(g) Realty persons should make sure that all prospective purchasers have read the Extract of Declaration of Restrictive Covenants and the By-Laws for Lake Wildwood (Blue Book) and The Lake Wildwood Rules and Regulations Booklet (Redbook) before purchase. Statement.

(h) At the time of acceptance into membership, the Association will provide free of charge, copies of each booklet to new members. Member will then sign a statement verifying receipt of each. Statement.