Rules & Regulations

Regulations governing the use of Development property and facilities.




1. Other Restrictions:
In addition to these Regulations, property owners, members of their families, and other persons residing within the Development should become familiar with the Declaration of Restrictive Covenants hereafter referred to as Restrictions, which have been recorded in the Office of the Recorder of Marshall County, Illinois, and which are binding upon all lots in the Lake Wildwood Development and the owners thereof. In the event of any conflict between the Restrictions and the Regulations, the Restrictions shall control.

If a member intends to build any type of dwelling, addition to a dwelling or accessory outbuilding, careful advance consideration should be given to the Restrictions. Plans and a written request must be submitted to, and advance approval received from the Environmental Control Committee. Rules and Regulations governing construction, instructions for obtaining ECC approval and inspection procedures are available at the Association Office. A schedule of fines for non-compliance of the Development’s building regulations is contained in the builders’ regulations and requirements packet available at the Association Office.

In addition to the building provisions, the Restrictions contain certain provisions relating to day‑to‑day activities at the Development and not all of the latter provisions have been repeated in these Regulations. For these provisions, please make reference in the Extract of Declaration of Restrictive Covenants and By-Laws for Lake Wildwood (Blue Book) to the following:
(a) Section 2 (h) ‑ Maintenance of Lots and Improvements
(b) Section 2 (i) ‑ Association's Right to Perform Certain Maintenance
(c) Section 3 (b) ‑ Ditches and Swales
(d) Section 6 ‑ Certain Activities Prohibited
(e) Section 8 (b) ‑ Purposes of the Property Owners' Association
(f) Section 8 (c) ‑ Power of Property Owners' Association to Levy and Collect Charges, and Impose Liens
(g) Section 8 (d) ‑ Purpose of Assessments
(h) Section 8 (e) ‑ Suspension of Privileges of Membership
(i) Section 9 ‑ Speed Limits

2. Application:
This booklet contains the Regulations governing the use of the Lake Wildwood Development Property and its facilities by all persons within the Development, including property owners, members of their families or other persons residing therein, and guests.

3. Enactment:
Upon the recommendation of the Rules and Regulations Committee, and in accordance with the By-Laws of the Lake Wildwood Association, Inc., these Regulations were duly adopted by the Board of Directors of the Association on the 7th day of April 1976, and amended thereafter.

4. Intention:
All of the Regulations have been formulated with the primary goal of establishing orderly and reasonable procedures for governing activities and for maintaining the integrity of the Development while restricting individual freedom as little as possible. The rules are developed with fairness and relevancy to all members. Therefore, it is hoped that voluntary compliance through cooperation will take precedence over the use of citations. Ignorance of Rules and Regulations is not a valid excuse.