Camping Unit Registration/Renewal

Covers the registration and renewal of camping units.


New Camping Unit


Step 1 - Application
If your camping unit is already registered with the Association, please skip to step 2.

The New Camping Unit application is required for all units that have not been previously registered with the Association. This includes campers, camping trailers, motor homes, pick-up trailers, etc.

Step 2 - Proof of Insurance
A copy of your up-to-date insurance (qualifying property damage and bodily injury, $100,000 min.) is required to be on file. Insurance policies must be in the Association member's name and show the unit covered.

Step 3 - Proof of Ownership
Proof of member ownership is required before a decal will be issued. Proof may be verified by providing a copy of the title or state license registration.

What is required to be displayed on my camping unit?
Member's lot numbers and current Association decal must be displayed.

Where do I affix my decal and lot numbers?
The decal and lot numbers must be displayed on the driver's side, forward window or on the forward portion of the vehicle.

What does it cost to camp?
Visit the services and fees page for daily and seasonal camping costs.

Where is the campground located?
The campground is located at the northern end of the Association near Lake Tanglewood.

How can I submit my paperwork to the Association?
Registration or renewal paperwork may be given to the Association in one of several ways:
1. Email:
2. Mail: 1000 Lake Wildwood Drive // Varna, IL 61375
3. Fax: (309) 463-2085
4. Delivery: drop paperwork at the main Gate or Association Office