Restrictive Covenants & By-laws

Governing the operation of the Association.



5.01 Qualification of Members:
No person may hereafter become a member of the Association unless he shall have an interest as an owner in the real estate in the Lake Wildwood Development, Marshall County, Illinois. Each such person, upon acceptance by the Association, shall become a member of the Association and shall be entitled thereafter, except as may be hereinafter provided, to all of the privileges of such membership as recognized by the Association. Only one membership may be considered for any given lot. A membership shall include the married spouse or partner by civil union of the person in whose name title to the lot is taken. The annual dues, or assessment levied against members by the Board of Directors, shall be levied against each member of the Association, except that a husband and wife or legal partnership by civil union shall be obliged to pay only one such assessment or dues for each lot owned.

5.02 Members in Good Standing:
A member in good standing shall be a member who has paid all dues and assessments levied by the Association from time to time; and, in addition thereto, shall be a person who has not been otherwise declared by the Board of Directors to not be a member in good standing.

5.03 Privileges of Members in Good Standing:
Members in good standing shall be entitled to the use of all property owned or controlled by the Association, subject to the rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Directors relating to the use thereof, and shall be entitled to attend and vote at all meetings of the membership of the Association.

5.04 Sanctions:
The Board of Directors may impose reasonable sanctions upon members who are not members in good standing, as defined above. Such sanctions may include, but shall not be restricted to, the suspension of such member’s privileges to the facilities owned by this Association.

5.05 Payment of Dues:
All dues assessed by the Board of Directors shall be payable on or before the first day of March of each year.

Written notice of the charge so fixed shall be sent to each member and such notice shall be deemed to be delivered when deposited in the U.S. Mail addressed to the member at his address as it appears on the records of the Association, with postage thereon prepaid.

The dues so assessed shall constitute a lien upon the member’s lot or lots in the Lake Wildwood Development, and a lien which may be collected by court action or otherwise. In no event shall the Association accept for membership any person who has purchased a lot upon which dues are owing, unless such dues shall be paid in full.

5.06 Notification of Ownership Changes:
The Association shall be notified immediately upon change of ownership of any property of the Lake Wildwood Development, either through the sale of the property; or, in the instance of multiple ownership, one person becoming the sole owner. A copy of the Quit Claim Deed or Warranty Deed shall be sent to the Association Office. A membership application must be signed by the new owner and returned to the Association. Upon receipt of the signed request for membership of the new owner, a letter of acceptance will be forwarded providing the above requirements have been met and outstanding assessments are paid in full prior to the sale or transfer of property as heretofore set forth.

5.07 Duties of Members:
Each member of the Association shall keep the property owned by him in the Lake Wildwood Development in good repair and shall keep the same mowed so as to prevent the same from becoming unsightly. In the event that a member shall fail to maintain his property, as aforesaid, in a manner reasonably satisfactory to the Board of Directors, the Association, through its agents and employees, shall have the right to enter upon said premises and perform such acts of maintenance thereon as may be reasonably necessary. The cost thereof shall be added to, and become part of, the annual dues of such persons or person, and the failure to pay the same shall be considered the same as failure to pay the annual dues of such persons or person.

5.08 Associate Members:
The Board of Directors may establish associate memberships in the Association. Such associate memberships may be granted to persons who, if not otherwise a member, are:
• The children of a member who have the same principle residence as the member.
• Persons who may be tenants or regular occupants of residences situated in the Lake Wildwood Development.

Associate members shall have no vote or right to notice of any meeting of the Association members.

The privileges and duties of associated members shall be established from time to time by the Board of Directors; and, which need not be the same as those of members.