Restrictive Covenants & By-laws

Governing the operation of the Association.



17.01 Remedies:
If any violation of any of the Restrictions shall occur or be threatened, the party to whose benefit the particular Restriction inures may proceed at law to recover damages for, or in equity to prevent the occurrence or continuation of the violation. The remedies hereby specified are cumulative, and this specification of them shall not be taken to preclude an aggrieved party’s resort to any other remedy available at law, in equity, or under any statute. No delay or failure on the part of an aggrieved party to invoke an available remedy in respect of a violation of any of the Restrictions shall be held to be a waiver by that party of (or an estoppel of that party to assert) any right available to him upon the reoccurrence or continuance of said violation or the occurrence of a different violation.