Restrictive Covenants & By-laws

Governing the operation of the Association.



13.01 Water Services:
Purchaser and/or Owner in fee of each lot in Lake Wildwood Development, his heirs, administrators, executors, grantees, successors, assigns, lessees and/or licensees agrees to pay to a privately owned public utility authorized by a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity issued by the Illinois Commerce Commission in accordance with the Illinois Public Utilities Act of 1921 as now amended or hereafter amended, revised or superseded (F11. Rev. Stat. 1967, Ch. III 2/3) to devote to public use and to operate a waterworks system in said Development, and its successors, assigns, lessees or licensees, a MINIMUM MONTHLY AVAILABILITY CHARGE OF FIVE DOLLARS ($5.00) for water and water service commencing upon the availability of water in a main in front of Purchaser’s or owner’s lot in said system and continuing thereafter so long as water is available for use whether or not tap or connection is made to a system main and whether or not said Purchaser and/or Owner actually uses or takes water. Said AVAILABILITY CHARGE shall be charged for each lot of each said Purchaser and/or Owner and will be the only charge for water, except as otherwise herein provided. The aforesaid AMOUNT OF SAID AVAILABILITY CHARGE, times and methods of payment by said Purchaser and/or Owner, (the AMOUNT of said availability charge for contiguous lots of any said Purchaser and/or Owner) and other matters shall be as provided in Tariffs or Rate Schedules and Regulations and Conditions of Service published and filed by said public utility with said Illinois Commerce Commission, or any successor State Regulatory Body, in accordance with law and passed to file or formally approved by said Commission as the then effective Rate Schedule or Tariff of said Public Utility. Upon written request in accordance with said Regulations and Conditions of Service and payment to said public utility of not less than One Hundred Ninety-Five Dollars ($195.00) in cash, or such other amount approved by said Illinois Commerce Commission, or its successor, a tap to a system main and connection to the lot line will be installed. The amount of said availability charge and other charges, including changes in the structure of said charge or rate from an availability charge to another type of rate or rate structure for water, are subject to change by order of the Illinois Commerce Commission, or its successor, in accordance with then existing law. Unpaid charges shall become a lien upon the lot or lots served as of the date the same become due. Purchaser and/or Owner shall not drill or permit the drilling of a water well upon his property. Nothing in this paragraph set forth shall be construed as a limitation on the rights of any said public utility to sell and assign in accordance with law its property and assets to an Illinois municipal corporation.