Restrictive Covenants & By-laws

Governing the operation of the Association.



4.01 Septic Tanks:
No outside toilets shall be permitted. No sanitary waste shall be permitted to enter Lake Wildwood or Tanglewood Lake, and all sanitary installations must conform with the recommendations of the Board, its successors and assigns, and the County and State Boards of Health. All septic tanks must meet all applicable State, Federal and County statutes, regulations and laws. In advance of the installation and construction of septic tank waste disposal systems, each lot owner shall secure plans and specifications from the County Board Health or other governmental agency, if any concerned therewith, and thereafter submit such plans and specifications to the Environmental Control Committee for approval.

4.02 Ditches and Swales Not to be Obstructed:
The Environmental Control Committee shall not approve plans and specifications for construction of any structure on any numbered lot in the Development on which all or part of an open storm drainage ditch or swale is situated unless such plans and specifications shall provide for the installation of such culverts or for the taking of such other steps as may be specified by the Environmental Control Committee as will ensure that such ditch or swale shall remain free and unobstructed. It shall be the duty of every owner of a lot in the Development on which any part of such ditch or swale continuously unobstructed and in good repair.