Associate Membership

Application and registration of vehicle for a decal.



Associate Members as defined in the By-Laws of the Lake Wildwood Association, Inc. may be permitted to enter if there is displayed on the Associate Member's vehicle a current Lake Wildwood Association decal. Associate Members and renters do not have guest amenity authorization privileges.

(a) In order to obtain an Associate Member decal, an application must be filled out by the member with a copy of the registration and returned to the General Manager's Office for approval. Statement.

(b) Renters and co‑owners/tenants in common will be required to pay the yearly assessment established by the Board of Directors before issuance of the Associate Member decal. Statement.

(c) Associate members who are renters and co‑owners/tenants in common may also apply for Extended Guest Pass "Red Card" procedure. Class I to be sent to Associate/Renter and property owner.

Section B. 5. of the Rules and Regulations
Article V. (5.08) of the Covenants and By-laws

Children of Members
In order for a child to receive an Associate Member decal for their automobile, the child must share the same principle residence as the member. A copy of the child's state vehicle registration is required to be submitted with the Associate Membership Application.