Lake Wildwood Association

A private, gated community located in Varna, Illinois.

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Membership Dues | 2015
The 2015 membership dues will be mailed out the week of November 10th. Please let us know if you have NOT received your membership dues by November 19th, 2014.

Dues Breakdown:

Operations (91.6%) - $587.16
Day-to-day operation of the Association.

Replacement Reserves (6.2%) - $39.74
Funds set aside that provide for the periodic replacement of building components that wear out over time.

Capital Improvement (2.2%) - $14.10
Addition or alteration to property that substantially adds to the value of property, or prolongs the useful life of the property.

Dues Summary:
Double-check your statement and verify all of the information is correct, including any additional services offered by Lake Wildwood Association.

Dues: $641.00
Dues + Mowing: $716.00
Dues + [1] Back Gate Key: $691.00
Dues + [2] Back Gate Keys: $716.00
Dues + Mowing + [1] Back Gate Key: $766.00
Dues + Mowing + [2] Back Gate Keys: $791.00

Mowing: $75.00 for [2] mows (one in July, one in September)
Back Gate Key: $50.00 for the first key, $25.00 per additional key

If you have not received your dues statement, please contact the Association office.

See also: fees and fines chart.


Activities & Events
December 31st - New Year Celebrations

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Marina Gas Keys (ChipKey)
Marina gas keys need to be reprogrammed before use.

Contact Justin at (include your name and lot number) or use the contact form on our website.